Where do ideas come from? While you are sleeping?  Driving? Flying in an air-ship?  I was reading the short story The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster and was struck when the son, Kuno, is inspired while observing upon the constellation Orion while riding in an air-ship.  There was something magical about that image.  Stargazing while floating along in a zeppelin.  Hence the name of the blog.

I hope to share some of my ideas, thoughts, prejudices here.

I guess I should share a little about myself.  First off, I am a Christian.  I hope that doesn’t turn you off and away from this blog.  It’s not my purpose to convince you that you need to believe in Christ.  If anything, this blog will just convince you of my need for Christ.

I am married (to the Wife), live in NW Indiana and have 3 kids (the Boy, the Girl, and the Baby).

I am a licensed mechanical engineer.  I design HVAC systems.  In other words, I design things that suck and blow.  More generally, I deal with buildings.  Buildings and energy.  A large part of this blog will be centered around these two topics in some tangential way, shape, or form.


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