Interrogated Cheese

20120710-181247.jpgThe humble grilled cheese sandwich. Looks can be deceiving though. One of the sandwiches pictured is quite ingenious. The other…well the other is a plain, boring simple sliced cheese on two pieces of buttered bread for my son. He is on his way, yet he still has much to learn.

For some people this is simply a comfort food. It reminds them of lunches while growing up. Throw in a bowl of tomato soup and they will be in heaven. For me, not so much. Especially the tomato soup thing. I don’t really get that. Although, one time I attended this high end wedding reception at some swanky place in The Loop in downtown Chicago. One of the hors devours was these little grilled cheese sandwiches with a little bowl of tomato soup. It was very tasty, just not my idea of comforting.

The grilled cheese can be so much more. For instance, my sandwich pictured above has mayo with chipotle seasoning, deli slices of roast turkey, and colby jack cheese. Delicious with a little kick to it.

There are so many variations to the grilled cheese. In a way, the grilled cheese is like a pizza. You can put almost anything you like in there.

In fact, the pizza grilled cheese is one of my son’s favorites. Layer up between the bread sauce, mozzarella cheese, and toppings. Use whatever toppings you want: sausage, pepperoni, olives, etc. Sprinkle some pizza seasonings to enhance the flavor. Sprinkle pizza seasonings on the butter. Another nice addition is to stick Parmesan cheese to the butter.

I should note a couple of things here. First, when creating these grilled monstrosities, it is a good idea to alternate layers of cheese with the layers of non-melting ingredients. That way when the cheese melts, it’ll all stick together. Second, it takes longer, but low heat is a good idea. That way everything melts and sticks together. This will make flipping the sandwich easier.

Another sandwich that I love, while technically not a grilled cheese, is incredibly delicious and easy to make. First, you grill two slices of bread with butter and Parmesan on them. When golden brown, take them off the griddle. Then layer up sprouts, tomato slices, and avocado slices. Eat. Try not to make too many yummy noises.

Any of you know of some killer grilled cheese ideas?  Leave your recipe in the comments for all to see.  (Velveta on Wonderbread need not apply!)

2 thoughts on “Interrogated Cheese

  1. In the fall, I love my “Granny Smith Grilled Cheese”. It’s butter on whole wheat bread, with cheddar, thinly sliced ham and slices of granny smith apples! Even better with a bowl of French onion soup on the side!

  2. My oldest nephew loves hard salami and sharp cheddar. My favorite is feta cheese on whole wheat. I have to say, I do love the tomato soup with it.

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